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2019 Green Design Trends

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Living Room Design Rowe Furniture

Fuller Sectional

Depth:  37
Height:  35
Seat Height:  20

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Phoebe Chair

Length:  31
Depth:  31
Height:  32

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Be Green.

Green Interior Trends 2019

Eco-Friendly Material.

Our upholstery furniture lines include eco-wood and eco-cushion cores. With your choice of fabric create a complete eco-friendly piece of furniture.

Bosch Dishwasher

Sustainable Production.

Since 1990, Bosch has been able to cut the water consumption of their appliances by more than half.

Save a Little Green on Floor Models

Velvet Green Bergen Floor Model
1,050.00 1,998.00

Length:  29"
Depth:  36"
Height:  33"

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Velvet Green Thatcher Chair Floor Model
795.00 999.00

Thatcher Chair in Green Velvet

Length:  28"
Depth:  35"
Height:  38"

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Green Velvet Miller Chair
798.00 998.00

Length:  29"
Depth:  36"
Height:  43"

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