Perlick Wine Reserve

Wood is beautiful, but you won’t find it here, because it can diminish the storage environment - and your delicate wines. For reliable preservation, you need a Perlick. Their dual-zone column wine reserve features precision temperature in two separate temperature zones and smart humidity control to properly care and serve your favorite vintages. Combined with high-end stainless steel finishes and a cascade of stunning blue or white LED light, nothing protects and presents a treasured wine collection quite like a Perlick.


  • Powerful—yet efficient—commercial-grade cooling

  • Sleek PerlIQ™ touch-screen control panel

  • Stainless steel interior and triple-pane glass

  • Smart humidity and natural carbon air filtration

  • Convertible display shelf

  • Dual-zone design provides storage for a total of 86 bottles in two temperature zones

  • 12.2 cu. ft. of storage space

  • Integrated design comes ready to accept custom panel and hardware

  • Three Full Year Warranty plus additional nine years on sealed system

  • Model Number: CR24D-1

Perlick Wine Reserve


Advanced technology monitors humidity levels in the reserve, and if necessary, pushes additional moisture into the compartment to maintain 60-70% humidity. This preserves corks, prevents oxidation and ensures the quality of wine. This, along with natural carbon air filtration, ensures ideal conditions for wine preservation and maturation.


White wine is best enjoyed at a cooler serving temperature than red wine, which is why Perlick dual-zone models offer two independently-controlled temperature zones. Store red (top zone) and white (lower zone) wine at separate temperatures, or plan for long-term storage with cellar mode which bring the entire reserve to 55F.

Perlick Wine Reserve

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