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Stockdale Sleepr Sofa

Did you know that almost all of our sofas are available as a sleeper?
Customize in a fabric of your choice!

Rowe Furniture stockdale Sleeper Sofa

Featuring the Stockdale Sleeper Sofa

Promotion: $1095 (usually $1995)

Invite your overnight visitors to unfold relaxation with a Rowe Furniture sleeper sofa. With over twenty-five frame styles and hundreds of custom options, this small-space solution is the key to sweet dreams. Thanks to the advanced design, quality materials, and careful construction, sofa beds have come a long way in comfort and style. Dare we say it, Rowe sleeper sofas rival any standard bed.

Durable enough for both residential and commercial settings, Rowe Furniture sleeper sofas have earned their reputation as an industry favorite. From a charming upstate inn to a coastal California cottage, designers around the country are sourcing Rowe sleeper sofas and sleeper sectional sofas for their most diverse projects.

Three Unexpected Spaces for a Sleeper Sofa:

  1. Sun Porch: Capitalize on beautiful weather with a unique indoor-outdoor sleeping solution. Take your sunroom from daytime entertaining to an evening retreat with a convertible sleeper sofa. For a breezy sleeping porch, we suggest the Easton Slipcover Queen Sleeper for its transitional appeal and easy clean-up.

  2. Playroom: Impromptu sleepovers are a breeze with a well-placed sofa bed. Add a sleeper sofa to the heart of the action –the playroom — and cross your fingers for an early bedtime. Our kid-approved Somerset Twin Sleeper Sofa is perfect for small spaces and small bodies.

  3. Home Office: If your home office sometimes doubles as a guest bedroom (or a secret naptime spot), a sleeper sofa is a must-have piece. For the modern home, the Mitchell Queen Sleeper Sofa combines classic tailoring with a sleek silhouette.

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