My Sylivie Style Stain Resistant Fabrics and Slipcovers

My Sylvie Style is… Modern Cottage

My Sylvie Style is… Urban

Trends may come and go, but the most enduring furnishings are the ones that can blend seamlessly with any style. Our versatile Sylvie Sofa from Robin Bruce is truly the “little black dress” of seating–whether you’re a mid century mod lover, a romantic, or an elegant traditionalist, the Sylvie is your go-to choice! This season, we’re celebrating #MySylvieStyle through the eyes of four of our favorite designers. See how Erika Ward, Erin Wheeler of Sunny Circle Studio, Kristen Forgione of The LifeStyled Company, and Anissa Zajac of House Seven Design each interpret their own Sylvie style and create a unique space based around the clean contours and versatility of this sofa. Each designer brings their own signature look to the project, highlighting the way in which Sylvie can truly blend effortlessly with any interior design style.

MySylvieStyle Sylvie Slipcover RoweFurniture

Kristen Forgione’s #MySylvieStyle

Kristen’s Sylvie Style: Versatile, clean & durable

Next in our series of features is Kristen Forgione of The LifeStyled Company (also known as LCo Design), whose crisp but easy going style provides an ideal setting for Sylvie’s modern silhouette and Rowe WearProof washable slipcover. “My Sylvie Style is ‘organic desert living,’ LCo’s signature aesthetic,” Kristen says. “The Sylvie sofa has clean lines that create a juxtaposition with the slipcover skirt, offering a modern take on a traditional classic.” This relaxed sitting area featuring Sylvie as a focal point, is a perfect example of Kristen’s warm, natural style. “I especially love the Sylvie Sofa in this light and neutral tone,” says the designer, “because it can complement and balance any space, while being versatile enough for any of our design concepts!” Kristen chose a cozy tasseled throw in wide tan and white stripes to pair with the sofa’s creamy white performance fabric, as well as rustic wood elements and a selection of large pillows.

Get This Look:

  • Welcome guests with an inviting, well-placed throw

  • Coordinate a selection of pillows with throw

  • Add texture with baskets and vintage items

Why Kristen Loves WearProof Slipcovers

“This ‘life proof’ fabric allows our clients to have aesthetic choices in their upholstery without worrying about performance! These fabrics can within stand the test of time, grime and dirt…and even kiddos!”