5 Inspirational Small Space Laundry Rooms

It's no small thing.

Small "City" Laundry Rooms are of abundance in Chicago and most of us gladly give up the space for the amazing location. But, what if your laundry room could be so organized that you actually wanted to spend time in it? Scroll on for some major small space organization & motivation.

{Ask us about Bosch or Asko Brands who specialize in a compact size for your small space.}

Small laundry room with glass mosaic backsplash, built In cabinets/drawers, grey floor tiles.

Small Laundry Room with Baskets, Bulletin Boards, hooks Beautifully Organized Washer/Dryer Front Load combo.

White Subway Tile with Grey Grout, Hanging Single Shelves, Grey Washer/Dryer Front Load Combo.



Built-In Metal Shelving, Wire Baskets, Cute Decal and Front Load Grey Washer/Dryer Combo.

One KinDesign.com

One KinDesign.com

Washer and dryer hidden in closet with beautiful dark wooden doors.

Hope you enjoyed these 5 small space inspirational Laundry Rooms. Which one is your favorite?